Let us help you clear out, clean, and have your home on the market in 2-4 weeks.


(so you can focus on your new home)

Downsizing into a new home is very overwhelming and dealing with the home’s contents can be challenging.


If you’re in this situation you’re probably asking yourself:

We are so grateful to Kim for attending to all of the intricacies of making this deal happen. From pricing, cleaning, staging, to negotiating offers, you were a steadfast guide who kept us in the decision-making loop at all times. Our deepest thanks and best wishes.

- Tamara Gilbert

I have all the answers to these questions.

I’ve been specializing in helping families downsize their home and handle its contents for over 15 years.

The truth is most agents don’t know one of the hardest parts of downsizing is….

…handling the contents

Most Agents:

This struck a nerve with me!

I believe all clients should receive as much help as possible from their agent. After years of helping downsizers, I realized the key to helping them was to simplify dealing with the contents of the home.

That way, we can focus on selling the asset with the highest value… the home itself.

Home sale prep and marketing can happen simultaneously during home content removal. Remember, effective marketing campaigns start before the home even goes on the market!

When we needed to sell my mom’s home, her home was in such poor shape we were concerned it wouldn’t sell for enough to cover what was owed. After looking at the property, Kim sat down to talk with us and her first words were not about the property values but her compassion for the situation. We will never forget that. In the end, the house sold for well over twice what was owed. We will always be grateful for everything she did for us!

- Kathy Smith

This is where I come in

After selling over 2,700 homes, I have a process that works. Imagine only focusing on the items important to you…

Then the rest is handled by the professionals.

Everything is coordinated for you INCLUDING:

Marketing and selling of the home

Estate sale and home content removal

All necessary home repairs

Paint and carpet enhancements


Deep cleaning

Thank you so much for all of the hard work you did on the sale of our father’s house. From the first moment we spoke, we knew you were someone we wanted to work with. You made the process seamless and we needed that living out of state. Thank you for getting us the most money for our father’s house. We were shocked when we received multiple offers in just days. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for your work and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

- Michelle Sloan

You noticed marketing the home was the first point above. Marketing your home starts right after our first call.

Our marketing plan includes:

Kim Yang is THE BEST!!! PERIOD!!! I did my due diligence and interviewed several (almost double-digits) real estate agents. To those that read this and specifically only want to know my end result…I got ABOVE my asking price AND the deal closed much sooner than I had anticipated.

- Alan Reyes

Hello, my name is Kim Yang.

I’m the owner of the Kim Yang Group and I want the opportunity to represent you in this most important financial transaction.

Hiring an experienced and active agent is one of the most critical decisions when downsizing. There are over 424,000 licensed real estate agents in California. It’s estimated that only 50% are active and those agents average 4-6 home sales per year.

During my 31 years in real estate, I have sold over 2,700 homes.

Exceeding client expectations and handling everything has been the key to my success. This earned me the title of being the #1 home selling agent in the nation for ReMax (#3 in the world).

I have been the preferred agent for several Fortune 500 companies. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Chase hired me to sell over 1,500 properties for them. These home sales required my team to coordinate the removal of all home items, repair, paint, and prep for sale. Additionally, I had to negotiate for top sales prices for each home to continue working for these companies.

This has led me here to help you. Let me use my years of experience to handle this important job for you.

Kim Yang was instrumental in helping us sell our home. She was compassionate, respectful, and understanding during a difficult time of transition. Her track record speaks for itself but it was apparent from our first meeting that she understood what needed to be done and how to do it.


Now is the time to act.

Market conditions can change or the home can become a liability with costly repairs. This could be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars on the sale price.

Are you ready for a highly experienced, trustworthy agent to handle everything for you, at no extra charge?

You don’t have to do this alone. Call me today and let’s see how I can help you. I promise a few minutes on the phone with me will save you time, money, and sanity.

I needed to sell our home and clear out all its contents. This was daunting for a few reasons. During our initial conversation, Kim took the time to listen to my situation and then proceeded to lay out a thorough business plan. There was very little I had to actually do except agree to let her help me!



Leave everything in the home where it is until we meet. Only remove items you want and important documents. The items remaining in the home will either be for sale or removed by professionals – so you don’t need to! Keep in mind something as simple as a new roll of paper towels is for sale at an estate sale. If able, take 2-3 overview pictures of each room including the living room, kitchen, and garage. These will help during our first call and are good to have.

I will suggest timelines and ensure you are comfortable with them. The home can usually be ready to sell within 2-4 weeks. If the house shows well with the items in it, then only a few days.

First, I will see if there are enough items of value for an estate sale. An estate sale is coordinated by a professional company that will sell and clear all the items in a home. Estate sale companies work off of commission which averages around 35-40%. Keep in mind most sales need two days for setup, two days for a sale, and a day for clear out. Doing this yourself will cost you too much time and money. If there are not enough items for an estate sale, then we work with local charities and clear out providers.


Kim Yang’s abilities as a real estate broker are of the highest caliber. She has exceptional integrity, professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to work for the welfare of her clients are incomparable. I live in Maryland and Kim handled everything for us effortlessly. I am very thankful to work with Kim and can’t praise her enough.

- Lydia Lambert

Kim was devoted to doing anything she could to help the process go smoother and easier. I live 250 miles away from the house so there wasn’t a whole lot I was able to do but that didn’t affect her at all. Within the first couple of days that it was listed, we got 7 offers! She was such a blessing and made my whole experience easier than I could have ever imagined.

- Patricia Thompson

As a result of your tenacity, integrity, and professionalism in real estate, it is no surprise that my house sold so smoothly in less than 30 days! You are the best real estate agent ever!

- Rosie Cherry

I just wanted to thank you for all you did to get my mother’s house sold. It was so stressful since we live out of state. You removed that stress by having people that could paint and clean the house. It was such a relief to have someone that could handle all the complications.

- Vicki Magnuson

Kim is the consummate professional. We live in Florida and were worried it would be a nightmare to continue cross-country trips until the home was sold. We interviewed several realtors and selected her to handle the sale. Kim staged the house beautifully, priced it at the top of the market, and had it sold and closed in several weeks.

- Norris Elswick

My brother and I were faced with the daunting task of selling our mother’s home. We met with Kim as well as other realtors who also came highly recommended. After the first meeting, we both knew we had found the right person to successfully get us through the sale of our parent’s home.

- Barbara Robbins

Kim did a number of things in her interview that made her stand out. First, she was very respectful and gave the sale a larger context than a mere transaction. She proceeded to demo her online marketing tools, showing how she would create a website dedicated to our property. She showed us how she would create a virtual staging presentation that could be deployed onto all the sales websites (similar to the software in HGTV’s “Property Brothers”, to give you an idea.) She was the only one who had this marketing tool. She also came in with the highest price for the house. Another agent was a very close second when we finally went to choose, but the context of family and the online marketing demo clinched the deal for us.

- Victoria Fox